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Like BBHSP itself, these IN PROCESS Project Progress Pages are UNDER CONSTRUCTION, and more examples of recent progress will be continually added, as more progress is made.  Please check back for more updated pictures and progress reports.  Thanks for your patience and your participassion.

BBHS New Well Pre- WC

BEFORE and AFTER… This first picture, above (2008), is the BBHSP Central Plaza area, after the drinking well was drilled (protruding pipe in picture is now inside a 10 x 12 well house, surrounded by a lush garden, partially visible in the picture below, 2016).  The flat area in the background is where the W.C. shower and restroom building now sits (in center of picture below) and the Straw Hall multipurpose gathering space building (on right, below)…

Well & Plaza AFTER

YO!  *If you care about Big Bend Hot Springs, you are considered a Stakeholder in this community project to protect and share this special place.  Please feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions, criticisms, praises, fantasies, visions, questions, etc.  We appreciate constructive feedback, and we are learning so much, as we listen, pray, ask for permission, and observe the land/waters/plants/animals/fungi, and discover ways to support the regenerative thriving habitat, along with space for humans to camp, soak, and gather. We are carefully co-existing with the wildlife and supporting regenerative ecosystems here- join us!

The individual project pages (listed in the drop-down menu, under “Progress”, above) share some examples of the recent progress towards efforts to mindfully re-create Big Bend Hot Springs as a very special healing and recreational facility for all to enjoy.  We are working to re-open the hot springs for those who love this sacred place to enjoy camping, soaking, healing, relaxing, recreating, and learning here, for generations to come.

We are currently working on installing a new parking area, and a new integrated water system, which includes miles of trenching and buried pipes, linking the blessed abundant cold water springs and cold water well to new large storage tanks, and then to the Central Plaza and Campgrounds for potable domestic and firefighting use- Just in case!

This also includes a new Geothermal Distribution System,  which will carry heat-exchanged hot potable water to sinks and showers (and to hydronic systems, heating buildings in winter) AND which will also carry the hot mineral water to the soaking pools, and then discharge mineral water back to the Mother Source hot spring to drain into the existing hot waterfall and river Ah-juma.  In order to convey the water system pipes (plus some electrical and communication cables) across Indian Springs Creek, we need to replace the existing narrow steel pedestrian bridge.  The new pedestrian bridge will allow the water pipes to cross the creek bed protected from freezing (and hidden from view) and  in an insulated compartment under the decking.
Click here to see the current bridge design work: Pedestrian Bridge Plan

Establishing these complex systems involves a huge amount of planning, engineering, permitting, and the gathering and allocating of significant bold physical and financial resources and people-power to finally build!  The steps towards BBHS reopening have therefore taken several years to manifest, thus far.

Meanwhile, we also continue to chip away at the huge list of other, more minor improvements required by Shasta County to re-open BBHS, and some other projects that are important to us.  We are developing the campgrounds, so each campsite has access to at least one flat tent space, a picnic table, and bear-proof food, trash, and recycling storage.

The new parking area was designed in-house, with technical collaboration from Fall Creek Engineering, with the utmost sensitivity to conserving the existing Live-Oak/Manzanita Shrub Brush ecosystem, which hosts a large variety of native flora and fauna.

New Parking Plan carefully places each spot in brush.

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