Duh! – Roseburg Mud Slide

Forest Covered in Huge Landslide:
Roseburg Clear Cut on Steep Slope Collapses
                  Restoration Efforts to Begin…

A Roseburg Clear Cut on a very Steep Slope caused a huge destructive mudslide, knocking down hundreds of trees and leaving a thick layer of mud sludge covering a huge area below the clear cut.

TRAGIC RIVER DESTRUCTION!!  The amazing and remote Pit River has been polluted with tons of mud and sediment, by the careless destructive clear cut logging practices of Roseburg Forest Products! 
2017 has blessed the Madesi Valley with a typical (but above-average) rainy season, as shown by the river flows measured at the Big Bend gauge:

Previously-protested clear cuts above the BBHSP southern property line, just west of the main BBHSP cold water spring, up on the hillside above the river bed,  resulted in devastating failures.  The adjacent parcel (to the South of BBHSP 140 acres) is a Roseburg tree farm, with a very steep section directly along and above the BBHSP property line.  In 2012, BBHSP reviewed Roseburg’s THP, which contained some obvious mistakes, including the ridiculous plan to clear cut the steep slope directly above our spring.    BEFORE destructive and irresponsible clearcutting:

And AFTER (2016):
A Tragic Case of Forest Mismanagement!
We published several videos (posted on YouTube in 2012) showing the THP flagging and the proposed clear cut steep slope areas above BBHSP property line.  Here are two important videos that show the ridiculous destructive Roseburg THP steep area logging plans:

Steep THP Sections Before Clear-Cut (2012):

Roseburg Property Corners & THP Steep Areas (2012):

We contacted Roseburg about the mistakes in their THP and the problem with the potentially drastic erosion that would be caused by rain runoff on a steep clear cut slope. (Duh!)  Two Roseburg foresters met with us and walked the steep slope with us, to inspect our spring and consider our complaints that cutting the steep slope would be a big mistake, due to the probability of heavy erosion during rainy season.
Eventually, the Roseburg THP Coordinator agreed to amend the THP, leaving a 300-foot-wide section of forest uncut on the steep slope above our spring.  We also urged Roseburg to refrain from cutting the steep sections to the East and West of the 300-foot wide saved section.
 Roseburg refused
, and (instead of using common sense and common courtesy) decided to ruthlessly clear cut both of the tiny sections of the steep slope that surround the BBHSP main drinking water spring.

Our Warnings and Pleas Ignored: 
After the mindless “harvest”, when the winter rains came, the results were (as predicted by anyone with common sense) disastrous, as the entire hillside collapsed, sending a huge slide of mud, rocks, trees, and debris exploding down into the BBHSP property!

This is what happens when foresters and loggers ignore science, and clear cut a steep slope, leaving disturbed topsoil and total destruction of the complex soil ecology and almost all plant life:

Roseburg Slide, Seen From Bottom (2017):

Standing on 2-3 feet of thick, heavy, destructive, out-of-place silt, quick-mud, and eroded sediment deposit:

Roseburg Clear Cut Mud Slide Disaster: Debris flow was OVER EIGHT FEET DEEP, as shown here, below main slide, and at top of half-mile runout below. TRAGIC DEVASTATION !!

Video Link: The Thin Blue Line, by Laureen:

The huge scale of this MASSIVE FAILURE is difficult to understand from these pictures, but in the picture above (uphill view) and the one below (view from top of failure, looking down), please *NOTICE the scale* by observing the large fallen green Douglas Fir tree, laying on the ground at the bottom of the steepest section in both pictures…

Looking downhill on the absurd ridiculously clear cut super-steep slope, above BBHSP property line, near bottom of steep area.