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Big Bend Hot Springs is located in the town of Big Bend, in northern California. The site has extraordinary geothermal springs and wells and is on the Pit River between two volcanoes, Mt. Shasta and Lassen Peak.

BBHS is in a big transition phase, so please stay tuned and thanks for your patience!


Important News:

Big Bend Hot Springs is currently CLOSED until further notice.  We are working hard on the process of completing a huge list of Shasta County-required permits, repairs, and code upgrades. Please send us your ideas.

Winter 2014 Update:

R.I.P. Skip Towne: We are grieving the devastating sudden loss of BBHSP’s Development Director, our special friend and family member, the late great Skip Towne.  Skip’s Colon Cancer finally helped him transition into his next angelic realm, where he is undoubtedly being of service to the universe in his own new way.  Skip was an incredibly sweet and profoundly generous community-oriented benevolent helpful giving friend to many.  He is deeply loved and missed by countless people far and near, as he touched so many of us with his unique and abundant magic.  Skip was so talented in so many important ways that he kept many aspects of our project and our lives moving forward with his amazing grace and prodigious skills.  Skip’s vast knowledge, creative ideas, and generous contributions have helped to shape and progress the BBHSP in huge ways that will carry Skip’s legacy in the land and the experience of all future visitors and residents.  Thank you, Skip- we love you and miss you!

Skip with Level

Our BBHSP “Community Newsletter,” has many details about our latest work to re-open Big Bend (Lahlahpismah) Hot Springs, so you are invited to read each issue.  Paper copies of each new issue are distributed in Big Bend.  Digital PDF copies (you can read on screen, download, and/or or print your own) are available on this web site- click on “Newsletter” at the top of this page.  

On the Land, we are experiencing our second severe drought year in a row and we are praying for more rain to recharge all the aquifers to keep all the springs, creeks, and river Achoma flowing plentifully in 2014.  The gardens and orchards are in dormant stage now, although we still have some living harvestable Kale, Cilantro, Sage, and some other herbs that miraculously survived a week of below-freezing temperatures!

 The Associate Land Steward (ALS) site maintenance team is in a staffing transition and is taking some time off for the start of winter.  We are grateful for the service of Nada Spaz, who worked as an ALS for the fall and is now “on call” for future projects.  Jesse Baugher has been our most consistent and longest-working ALS, and remains our solid, consistent and dedicated star ALS team member- THANKS, JESSE!  The ALS team accomplished a huge amount of work in 2013, including the clean up of the huge aftermath of the incredible record-breaking rain and snow storms of last winter and many other aspects of site care and maintenance.  We are grateful for the abundance of fire wood we now have from last year’s fallen branches and trees, thanks to the hard work of the ALS team.

IMG_5706Well-sifted rich compost makes happy gardeners…  Huxley is one of our Lead Gardeners.

Our Conditional Use Permit (granted by the Shasta County Planning Commission in 2012), allows us to obtain building permits, work on the required improvements, and re-open when the improvements are completed.  Priorities include: new parking area by front gate, new water system for fire-prevention and drinking, wheelchair access to restroom/shower building and campgrounds, bear-proof food and trash containers, geothermal pumping and cooling system, wheelchair friendly hot tubs,  etc.   We are still working on getting the engineering done for the new water system, parking lot, and all the roads and grading.   Meanwhile, we are also working with Shasta County Planning Division to amend our Use Permit to add some features to our evolving Master Plan, and to extend our work period to satisfy the huge list of conditions in the Use Permit.   Please send us your ideas and thoughts about this community project.

The Prayer Garden is Growing!

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