WH Second Pour: Stem Wall

The Welcome Hut (WH) project is the latest awesome building being created by a team of highly-skilled BBHSP staff members, consultants, and sub-contractors (such as the concrete delivery and concrete pumping people in some of these pictures). The construction is being coordinated by Robyn, who is a highly-skilled local builder and excellent team leader.  Construction began in the fall of 2018, when this pour happened.  This (second pour, for stem walls) went very smoothly, like the first, and there is at least one picture of every stage of the action…

*Use the drop-down “Progress” menu, above, on the right side of main menu bar (nested under “Progress”menu, select “Welcome Hut” tab) to see more pictures of Welcome Hut plans, process, and progress!

A Bomb-Proof Stem Wall!
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