The “Big Bend Hot Springs Project” (BBHSP) is a not-for-profit project to steward, protect, and share sacred land and waters in Big Bend, Shasta County, California.  We are an extended family of friends (including local community members and a large network of allies and stakeholders) learning together how to take care of the site in the most humble and gentle ways we can. 

We do not consider ourselves “owners” of the land, springs, or river.  In fact, we do not believe it is possible to “own” something that is sacred.   We are simply caring people who feel called here to protect and care for this land.  We consider anyone who loves this place to be a stakeholder, as well.

Christine and Garden

We are working towards making the land and waters available to the many people who feel called to visit.  This is a long journey, as we work within “the system” to overcome countless regulatory obstacles.  We are required to work with about fourteen different agencies, as we complete the conditions of our Use Permit and gradually prepare to re-open the campgrounds and geothermal soaking facilities.  Plans to transform BBHSP into a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization are also evolving.

Team and Rik

BBHSP is run by an inclusive group of stewards who see this as a community project.  We start with asking for permission and guidance from the ancestors and the great Spirit present in all things and people.  Representatives of BBHSP and members of the Big Bend community are now beginning the gradual work of healing all relations and allowing the special unique place to regenerate back to its full potential.

BBHSP Staff Dinner

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BBHSP Sara with Grapes