Power Line Relocation

One of the most important parts of the BBHSP restoration work is our bold plan to remove the offensive power and phone lines and poles that currently cross the river directly over the main hot spring, known as the “Mother Source.”  We are currently working on complex plans to re-route the lines and finally clear the sacred site of these eyesores once and for all.

Power Lines at SourceElectric and Telephone lines cross the River Achoma directly over the main Lah-la-pis-mah Hot Spring (also known as the “Mother Source”).  BBHSP is currently working with PG&E engineers on very expensive plans to re-route these lines and poles to cross the river further upstream, far away from the sacred hot springs.  This is part of the cleaning up and healing of the land that has been a priority for BBHSP.

BBHSP Power Line Relocation Map

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